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Netherlands Partners

IVO Netherlands

Prof. Dike van de Mheen
Co-PI 2

Professor Dike van de Mheen is the Director at the Tranzo department at Tilburg University. Before that she was director of the IVO Research Institute and also a Professor in “Addiction Research” at Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2012, she undertook another academic role of Professor of “Care and prevention of risky behaviour and addiction” at Maastricht University. Dike is a member of a similar organisation to the ACMD, an advisory board called, the Dutch Public Health Federation (NPHF). In addition, she is a member of a scientific advisory board, the Dutch National Drug Monitor.

Gera Nagelhout
Team Partner (IVO)

Dr. Gera Nagelhout is research coordinator at IVO Addiction Research Institute. She graduated in 2007 in Communication Science and obtained her PhD in 2012 in health promotion. She is employed at IVO since 2017. She is responsible for the initiation, acquisition, and project management of research and development projects on a national, communal, organizational, and neighborhood level. Furthermore, she supervises several PhD students in collaboration with Maastricht University, Erasmus University, and Tilburg University. Her research focuses on substance use (drugs, alcohol, and tobacco), obesity prevention, and social network enhancement among vulnerable groups.

Thomas Martinelli
Team Partner (IVO)

Thomas Martinelli works as a junior researcher and PhD candidate at IVO Research Institute. He graduated in Cultural Anthropology (BA) and Criminology (MA) and has developed ample knowledge of and experience with doing qualitative research. He further broadened his expertise as a freelance researcher after his studies and since 2016 as a junior researcher at the IVO institute. In 2017 he received a TWIST (Training With Stakeholders) bursary to attend and participate in the Lisbon Addictions conference. At the moment he is working as a PhD candidate on the Recovery Pathways study.