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RUN Organisations

Recovered Users Network (RUN) is an EU platform and network of 37 NGOs, networks and many individuals who support Recovery. RUN represents a joint voice of many people and has a vision to raise the voice of the recovery movement, by contributing to constructive and respectful drug policies, for individuals, families and communities.

The mission of RUN is to be a network which provides a voice for recovered/recovering drug users to promote and share experience of recovery, on both the political and practical levels.

As a network of EURAD, a European non-profit drug policy Foundation which has ECOSOC status, RUN has been able to engage in the UN work, which is very significant on drug policy level. During the past couple of years, RUN hosted a number of significant conferences as well as side events during the UN drug policy gatherings, and was a members of Civil Society Task Force during preparation process for the UNGASS2016. RUN has been able to move the focus from drug users alone towards individuals in recovery as well, and give a political voice to recovered drug users and their organisations.

As an external partner on Life in Recovery project, RUN has managed to involve members spanning across many geographical areas in the Balkan region and EU. Hence, the survey will be available in 5 different languages.