Recovery Pathways / Photovoice


In the last phase of this research (2019/2020) the photovoice method will be used. In the photovoice method, photography is used as a way of gaining insight into people’s living environment and making it accessible to others. By giving people with addiction problems a camera, we want to gain insight into their personal experiences and encourage them to reflect on their own identity and position in society (Steel et al., 2011; Booth & Booth , 2003).

This part of the research will consist of several steps: 1) putting together a group, 2) grouping the themes of the project, 3) taking the photos, 4) making selections of the photos to be used, 5) looking for the stories behind the photos, 6) coding the themes linked to the photos, and 7) expand this to a broader audience (Booth & Booth, 2003).